To apply for electric service, please complete this application. A $5.00, non-refundable membership fee applies to new members. Applicants for electrical service shall pay a security deposit unless the applicant qualifies for an exception or waiver according to policy. Exceptions exist, view the Member Account Policy.

a.  An existing membership with good credit rating established for the same class of service.

b. The Online Utility Exchange recommends a waiver of the security deposit due to overall credit worthiness.

c.  Choosing the prepay billing option.

The amount of the security deposit shall be the greater of $100 or an amount equal to two times the average monthly bill for energy consumption during the previous twelve (12) months of usage at that location. Services with no record of kWh consumption shall be charged the greater of a minimum security deposit of $250.00 or two (2) times the average estimated bill.

CCEC offers next business day connections at no additional charge. If you require service to be connected the same day of this request, a $45 Same Day Service Fee does apply. There is a $200 after-hours fee for any same day request that cannot be completed during business hours. Business hours are Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

CCEC will verify your submitted information using a consumer reporting agency. In the event your identity cannot be verified, you will be required to provide identification in the office during business hours before service can be connected.

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We offer a portal for online bill payment and account management.  If you would like access to your account online, please create a password and password hint now for easy access to your account at  Please note passwords must be a combination of letters and numbers.

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New members will pay a $5.00 membership fee (existing members fee will be waived). 

Prepay BillingInterested in Waiving your Deposit? This automated system allows you to prepay for electricity before you use it.  You will receive daily alerts by email or text messaging to help manage your account balance. Payments will accrue as a credit on the account. Energy consumption and any fixed charges will be deducted from the account balance daily. When your account runs low, an additional alert is sent letting you know it’s time to recharge your account. If funds in your account run out, electrical service will be automatically disconnected.  You will be notified by text or email that your service has been shut off.  You may recharge your account at any time, day or night, via the online portal, mobile app or by phone and service will be automatically restored, usually within (1) hour.  To restore power, you must have a credit on your account of at least $25 dollars. There are no deposit, disconnection, or reconnection fees, ever. To participate the location must have a single-phase 200 AMP service and we must be able to reliably communicate with your meter. To ensure you are alerted if your account needs to be recharged, a valid email address is also required. 

Standard Billing – You will receive a bill monthly for energy used. Bills are due and payable upon presentation and become past due twenty-six days after the billing date. Past due accounts are subject to a service disconnect in accordance with the Termination for Non-payment of the Member Accounts Policy. Deposit: if a deposit is required a Member Service’s Representative will contact you prior to activating service.

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Operation Round Up:
Rounding up your utility bill to the next dollar supports CCECs Operation Roundup program to help members in need. Would you like to contribute to the Round Up program?
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